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Danang is a coastal town located 990 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is a beautiful place and one of the main Vietnam popular destinations. The town, surrounded by spectacular mountains, has exotic beaches and museums for the tourists. These make Sightseeing in Danang a blissful experience

Da Nang Economy

Danang is one of five independent (province-level) municipalities of Vietnam. It is classified as an industrial zone and has port facilities to handle container traffic. Some 4,900 factories/production ...

Danang infrastructure

Danang has a network of road, rail, sea and air routes. The city has a total of 382,583 kilometers of roads, including 70,865 kilometers of national routes; 99,716 kilometers of provincial routes; 67 ...

Da Nang Natural Resources

Land resources: Danang has an area of 1,255.53 square kilometers. Mountains and hills cover most of the territory including Hoang Sa Island district with an area of 305 square kilometers. There are various ...

Name of Danang through periods of time

The land of Danang was in Hoa Chau County, part of the Dai Viet nation’s territory in the time of King Tran Anh Tong in the 15th century. In King Le Thanh Tong’s reign Dynasty starting from 1466, ...

Topography and Climate in Danang

Danang’s topography is a combination of mountains and coastal plains, with high sloping mountains dominating the north and northwest. There are some ranges running into the ...

Geographic location

Danang lies between latitudes 15055’ and 16014’N. and longitudes 107018’ and 108020’E.  It is in the central of Vietnam, 759km from Hanoi and 960km from Ho Chi Minh ...

Da Nang History

In the middle of the 16th century, when Hoi An was a busy center of the south, Danang was only a small port for goods in transit and ship repair. It gradually developed into a commercial port replacing Hoi An ...
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