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Casino War: Do You Know The Fun Game?

Casino War: Do you remember a childhood game called Guerra or War ? It is a game in which two players, each with half a deck, face each other to get all the cards. You get hold of your opponent’s cards when you manage to draw a card with a higher value until you have no cards.

If you haven’t had a chance to play it, don’t worry. This fun and popular game has been adapted and brought to the most popular online casinos , under the name Casino War and you will surely learn to play it very easily.

How is Casino War played?

The game takes place at a blackjack table . The first thing is to place your bet and click on the option to deal, so you will receive a card face up, just like the dealer. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you win and receive your winnings; otherwise, you lose the money you bet.

But what happens if there are two cards of equal value? You will have two options: fold and regain the friendship of your bet or declare war, increase your bet and continue playing. If you choose the second option, the dealer will burn 3 cards and give you one, burn another 3 cards and deal another card. Again, the highest result wins the game.

In Casino War a win is paid at 1: 1. You have the option of placing an additional bet before starting the game called a draw; If the cards are of the same value when dealing, your bet is paid at 10: 1.

Casino War

Is there any strategy to win in this game?

To win at Casino War, as well as most of the games available at online casinos , you must put the numerical odds in your favor. Here are some tips to win and enjoy while betting on this game:

  1. Choose a game that allows you to place bets within your budget, so you have a greater number of options to win.
  2. The odds of winning when betting on the tie are very low, avoid playing this option so the payout percentages are very attractive, as it will double the amount wagered and the chances of winning very few.
  3. Do not fold when you get a tie with the house, as the house advantage is reduced. For this, it is advisable to declare war and move on. This is different from initially placing the bet on a tie.