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Online Casino Games In Times Of COVID-19

Great challenges have arisen for the players in the casino games and sports betting industry. This has arisen as a consequence of the measures taken by governments around the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Preventive isolation has forced physical casinos to close their doors and stop their business. Given the suspension of sporting events, the betting market has also been affected, as have lotteries. For its part, the online casino market has seen an increase in users and visits. However, in some countries decisions have been taken that jeopardize their stability.

Against this backdrop, representatives of casino and betting house operators , associations and the industry media have decided to join forces. In this way, they will be able to create collaboration networks to find solutions and strategies that allow them to face the crisis. They have also worked together with software and payments providers, and marketers.

Some conclusions:

    • The gaming industry continues to be poorly understood by the rulers and some sectors of society in all European countries. We must work on the construction of a new paradigm where the social responsibility of the sector is highlighted.
    • More than 750 million euros per month have stopped entering operators in the casino gaming industry. Another similar amount, directed to the public sector, has ceased. This corresponds to the contributions made by these companies as part of their taxes.
    • There are two issues that governments must address mainly with losses in the sector. These are the jobs generated by the industry and the control of illegality.
    • Some profound changes were implemented. Operators must work hard to intensify the online channel, especially the mobile market. They should even create it if they don’t have it. It is the only way to stay active and offer 3win333 casino games to your users.
  • Operators that offer various options on their platforms (sports betting and online casino ) have reported drops of 5 and 10%. It is evidence that the situation as dramatic as for those who have not developed multiple game options for their users.

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